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Air Adventures is a fully endorsed Flying Club operating under the total guidance of FASI (Federation of Aeronautical Sports for Indonesia) the governing body of sport aviation in Indonesia appointed by the DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation). Under this programme the Air Adventures flying club offers the very best in flight training and ground school courses to obtain your Club Ultra-light Pilots licence and DGCA SPL (Sports Pilots Licence).

A basic club licence is granted when the student pilot has first obtained his/her Indonesian class III medical, and has flown a minimum of 30 hours dual instruction for the 3-Axis Ultra-light (20 hours for trike) with one of our qualified flight instructors.

In addition to the flight time you will have to complete a minimum of 5 hours ground school required for your licence to cover two test examinations, the club test which is a general overview of all subjects related to the flight and operation of sport aircraft, and the mandatory Indonesian Air Law exam. Don’t panic though, our instructors will guide you through the process and make sure you understand everything that is being taught. All relevant training materials are provided so learning is made easy.

Of the 30 hours flight time required,10 hours will be solo, meaning you’re at the controls of the aircraft totally alone under the comforting guidance and supervision of your flight instructor. Don’t worry, we wont let you go off alone if we feel you’re not ready, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you pick it and master the controls!

Included in the course time, 2 hours will be dedicated to cross country flying that will take you away at least 50 nautical miles from our base at Bintan, This will give you the confidence and skills required when you embark on trips of your own once you receive your qualification. A minimum of 20 successful take off and landings will be required during the course but this is easily achieved as most lessons are normally an hour in duration! Remember, a great pilot has the same amount of “landings” as they do “take off’s” in their logbook!!!!!

When all of the criteria has been met both on the ground and in the air, one final flight test will be required and we refer to this as the “GFT”, the General Flight Test. This will be an accumulation of everything you have learnt in the air over the last 30 plus hours and will demonstrate your skills at handling and controlling the aircraft in every aspect of the flight envelope. Upon the successful completion of the GFT you will make your final landing as a student pilot and be awarded with your very own “Air Adventures Club licence” as a new and qualified Ultra-light Pilot. This licence will enable you to fly at the Air Adventures flying club anytime you like, you can rent one of our 2 seat fully equipped Challenger aircraft (the same as you learnt to fly in) and explore the many delightful places Indonesia has to offer. After you have accumulated an additional 15 -20 hours of flight times as “Pilot in Command” (PIC) you qualify to obtain your seaplane rating. This 5 hours course opens up a whole new world of Ultra-light flying!

Additional courses available are:

1. Upgrade to an Indonesian SPL (Sports Pilots Licence)
2. Advanced cross country and navigation
3. Precision flying
4. GPS course

Designated Flight Training Area (DFTA)

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